Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rue 21 Beaute! Nail Polish Review (Shade 28)

     So the other day I went to Rue 21 to spend some of my Christmas gift card and right when I was about to check out - I saw this tray full of a variety of various beautiful nail polishes   Then, I looked down and saw that it was only two for five dollars (the usual price being $4 each) so I gave in to my ever growing obsession of collecting nail polish that I tend to not use.  *sigh*

     Lately I've been adoring the elegant style of the women of the 1920's and 1950's.  I know they usually wore red nail polish but guys I am so red-nail-polished-out from the popularity of it when I was elementary school that I didn't have the nerve to repress these memories.
     Please excuse my sloppiness!  This nail polish was surprisingly beautiful!  It is so natural looking yet it is not flesh colored or completely transparent.  In the light it has a lilac coloring with sand brown undertones.  I really want to paint my room this color now.  So if anyone is around my skin tone (Mac NC45) and want an elegant slightly nude daily nail polish - this is it!  I only applied one coat of it and it went on soooooooo smoothly! It dried quickly as well.  So far no chipping and it is pretty opaque for just one coat.  I will definitely be buying more of their nail polishes again :)

And would it seriously kill them to name their polishes?!!?! Gahhh!!!

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